HTC Holds Vive Sale In Celebration Of One-Year Anniversary

Virtual reality has become a major cornerstone for video games as of late. The video game industry has been developing for the VR platform as more early adopters slowly pick up their preferred headset. While there’s not too many manufacturers and key players offering a dedicated VR gaming headset, one of the top players in the small market is throwing a sale in honor of its one-year anniversary.

The HTC Vive is one of the big three VR headsets available within the market and it also happens to be the most expensive compared to the Oculus and Sony’s PlayStation VR. Coming up on its one-year anniversary, the company is dubbing April 5th as Vive Day and as such, the consumers will have a chance to pick up the HTC Vive at a $100 off.

Grant it, even with a $100 off, the HTC Vive is still expensive at $699 though if you were already on the fence when it comes to ordering the headset, a sale like this may have convinced you in the making the order.

Regardless of the sale, gamers who decide to make the purchase will receive the default bundle that includes the headset, cameras, and motion controls.

Likewise, all Vive owners will receive a copy of Arcade Saga through the HTC storefront, Viveport. This isn’t all as HTC will be rolling out their subscription service known as Viveport Subscription. With this subscription, gamers who pay the $6.99 monthly fee will have the ability to select five titles from their storefront to enjoy for that entire month.

Gamers interested in making the jump to VR through the HTC Vive will have until the end of April 5, 2017, to make the order with the $100 discount.