Confirmed: Diablo III to replace Skill Tree with new system

Diablo III to replace Skill Tree with new system

In an interview with, Jay Wilson, the lead designer of Diablo III, confirmed that Diablo III will be replacing the tree-type architecture with a purely skill-based system.
When asked whether the Skill Trees have been named yet, Jay said,

About that, we’ve decided to remove the tree-type architecture and we are moving into a purely skill-based system. This new system is still in the development stages and if it does not work, we still have plenty of options to fall back on. Right now, we’re just trying different things and getting a feel for the few ideas in regards to the skill system that we have going on right now. It differs from the World of Warcraft/Diablo II type hierarchical styles and is more of a skill pool/path than a tree per se.

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