New God Eater Project Teaser Trailer Has Released

If you enjoyed the God Eater franchise then you may want to take a moment and check out a new teaser trailer for an upcoming God Eater Project. The franchise which kicked off back in 2010 will finally get a new installment in the near future, though details regarding the game are still scarce.

This latest teaser trailer comes from Bandai Namco Entertainment America’s YouTube channel. Again, not much information is known quite yet, though with the game franchise not receiving a new title God Eater 2, which launched back in 2013, fans of the series are well overdue for a new installment.

Though gamers have not received a new main installment to the franchise since 2013, the development team Shift and publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment have previously released revamped versions of their past two installments.

While it could be another revamp edition of the God Eater installments, we can hope that it will be the next main video game title making it God Eater 3. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until more information regarding the franchise and this project is unveiled.

We’re hoping to hear more about this video game at this year’s E3 expo, but it may not appear until later this year at the Tokyo Game Show. Regardless, let us know if you’re excited about a potential next installment to the God Eater franchise by leaving a comment down below!