Blizzard Kicks Two Players From Global Hearthstone Tournaments

Blizzard has cracked down on two Hearthstone players as they were kicked off from the Global Hearthstone Tournaments. While the heat of the moment can get the best of anyone, an on-going feud between two players has cost them potentially $300,000.

Hearthstone is a popular online card game and its brought in plenty of revenue for skilled players. Blizzard is holding an event known as the Global Hearthstone Tournaments in which teams from all around the world will go against one another for a grand prize of $300,000.

The process to select teams of four was rather straight forward. Each nation that’s attending the tournament will automatically have the best player in their region within the team while the remaining three slots would be voted on by viewers.

One player, in particular, has a few controversies it seems according to a report made by Kotaku. P4wnyhof is a Hearthstone Streamer that has been accused of admin abuse in tournaments along with artificially inflating his viewing numbers on Twitch.

With P4wnyhof making the cut for a team spot for Germany, Sweden’s own Forsen dropped from the tournament stating that he would not participate if P4wnyhof made the cut.

However, now it seems that Blizzard had kicked P4wnyhof and Sintolol from the tournament, but not from any past claims. Both players were teammates for Germany, though they couldn’t get along as both have made inappropriate comments online to each other.

It’s not stated just who will be taking these two player’s spots for Team Germany, likewise, it’s not known if Forsen can join back into the tournament now that P4wnyhof has been dropped.