Vainglory Update 2.3 Is Now Available Featuring New Skins and Hero Hub

Super Evil Megacorp has released Update 2.3 for Vainglory. This update brings with it a fresh crop of new features to the Halcyon Fold. These include the introduction of Charms, which allow players to personalize reactions during matches through voice lines and emotes. This update also includes a variety of new hero skins as well as balance adjustments and user interface changes.

Vainglory Update 2.3 includes:

  • New Hero Skins – A handful of bold new hero skins, including Rare ‘Elite Force’ Idris, Rare ‘Gangster’ Gwen and Rare ‘Elite Force’ Baron

  • Charms Pass – Taunt, dance and emote with the all new Charms. With the Charms Pass, players can perform a custom taunt animation, verbally taunt an enemy team or blow a kiss to the enemy after performing an ultimate kill with the emote kissy face.

  • All-Access Pass – With Update 2.3, boosts have instead been replaced with the All-Access Pass. With this pass, all heroes are unlocked for a select amount of time, with a 50% Glory boost, Sunlight and Guild Fame boost and unlocked Charms. Both the Charms and All-Access Pass are available with in-game ICE.

  • Hero Hub – This hub hosts all hero abilities, skins, lore and spotlight videos in one place so players no longer have to search through the app to learn about their favorite heroes.

You can read the full patch notes on Vainglory’s website to learn more.