Is Disney Creating Its Own Game Console?

The New York Times recently detailed The Walt Disney Company's struggles as it pertains to mastering the internet. The company's online components, as well as their gaming and mobile divisions, have posted 15 consecutive quarters of losses, amounting to 977 million dollars in total.

There are several initiatives now underway, to help turn the tide.  One idea includes another massive redesign of, their third in five years. But another sounds far more radical. According to Rober A. Iger, Disney's chief executive, one of their new products is an ambitious and unannounced gaming initiative that is code-named Toy Box.

The report details how dire Disney's standings are in the realm of interactivity. While the company as a whole is doing very well (earlier this summer saw the big screen phenomena that was The Avengers, which earned over 1.5 billion dollars for Marvel Studios, which is owned by Walt Disney Pictures), its inability to make much headway in the internet and with games is becoming difficult hard to ignore.

And given how the importance of such outlets will only increase as time goes on, now might be time for Disney to do something particularly drastic or bold. Like Toy Box, described as a game console with extensive mobile and other online applications, in which various Pixar and Disney characters will interact with each other for the first time.

Could Disney ever create a game machine, one that would sit side by side, and even compete, with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft's offerings? Well, given Disney's ties with Pixar, which is also connected to Apple, which certainly has aspirations of their own, it's not such a crazy idea if one truly thinks about it.