PlayStation 4 Will Have Destiny 2 Timed Exclusive Content

There’s not very much information out quite yet when it comes to the upcoming Destiny 2 video game release. While Activision and Bungie have alerted fans that a sequel to their Destiny IP will be launching in the near future, we are still left with plenty of questions.

Today, we’re finding out that Sony PlayStation 4 owners will have exclusive content for Destiny 2. This particular exclusive content will be timed, allowing other platforms to receive the content at a later date.

For now, the timed exclusive will last about a year as the content will be up for the Xbox One by at Fall of 2018. One shred of information that was confirmed earlier this year was that Bungie will allow character appearances to carry over from Destiny to Destiny 2.

In the past, there was some speculation that Bungie to allow progression for these characters to be brought over towards the sequel, but it seems that you’ll only find your character appearance to be added in from the previous release. That’s of course if managed to reach level 20 and have completed the Black Garden quest in Destiny.

For now, Bungie is slating to release Destiny 2 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms on September 8, 2017. More details regarding the game will be coming out this summer, so it’s very likely will hear more about the game during this year’s E3 expo.