Destiny 2 Collector Figurine Leaks? Cayde-6 Toy Featured

Destiny 2 is all the hype right now. From the official logo image reveal, to the recently released teaser trailer for the game, gamers all around are feeling the Destiny hype.

Later this week, Bungie has promised a full reveal for the game, and perhaps that will include a release date, beta announcement, and a collector edition set reveal? The only reason the collector edition idea is kicked around is thanks to a new leaked photo of one of the iconic characters from Destiny.

Tweeted out by Grithorne, the small detailed figurine of Cayde-6 is most definitely a piece fan of the franchise would love to get their hands on. When the original Destiny launched it had a collector edition which featured its very own Ghost. This time around a small Cayde-6 figurine could be the main centerpiece for the game.

The figurine is obviously in a GameStop so we do know the little guy is already out in the wild. However, as GameRant notes, this could just be a promotional toy to get fans even more hyped for the game’s launch. Perhaps a pre-order bonus?

Reddit user Ren_Echo went the extra mile and even detailed the toymakers – BigShot Toyworks who were actually at New York Comic Con last year. At the time the company revealed a partnership with Bungie and had three figures on display — Cayde-6, Lord Saladin, and one of the iconic wolves.

Whatever the case may be, expect to hear more about it in the days to come as Bungie has engaged into full promotion mode for Destiny 2. To hold you over until the full reveal of Destiny 2 on March 30, you could check out the latest teaser trailer, which actually features Cayde-6, right here.

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