WB Tries to Clarify LEGO City: Undercover Switch Storage Dilemma

Gamers who were anticipating on picking up LEGO City: Undercover were a little dishearten when they heard the game will take 13 GB to play on the Nintendo Switch. Knowing that there is only roughly 26GB of internal memory, users were upset that half their data would be eaten up by just one game.

However, it seems that won’t be the case. Well, not technically. A statement issued to IGN had a WB representative state the following:

Players who purchase LEGO City: Undercover on Nintendo Switch at retail do not need to download the game to play. All players who purchase the game can download the small content update patch with an internet connection.

It seems once players pop the game into the Switch all they will need to do is update the game using an internet connection. However, the statement doesn’t necessarily clarify whether or not the game will take 13GB or not.

At the time of writing their or two variables — the back of the LEGO City: Undercover box which states the game is 13GB of storage and the eShop which clocks the game in at 7GB of storage. WB answers questions with what seems to lead gamers with another question.

The upcoming port is slated to arrive on the 4th of April in the North American region. Along with the Switch, the game is also being ported over to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

We will update you on when the matter is clarified correctly.