SimCity Disaster Screenshots Look Highly Destructive

SimCity UFO

Electronic Arts and EA Maxis have put out a few new screenshots for the upcoming SimCity. The images depict five of the potential disasters that may struck the player’s city at any time, and force the player to take special measures to contain the situation. Regardless of their economic implications, disasters have the potential to cause widespread riots or end up burning the entire city to the ground. 

The disasters showcased in the screenshots include an earthquake, which depicts several skyscrapers toppling to the ground; a meteor bombardment, striking numerous buildings; a tornado that rips through a residential neighborhood; and a UFO which abducts people. 

Needless to say, the disasters look like they’ll wreak a lot of havoc on any poorly planned city and will be a true test for skilled mayors. I wonder how bumbling Toronto mayor Rob Ford would handle these situations. 

A video showcasing each of the disasters with tips on how to deal with them has since been released. Watch it below.

SimCity is due for release on both the PC and Mac in early 2013.

SimCity Tornado

SimCity Disaster

SimCity Disaster