Mass Effect’s Blasto Gets His Own Comic

Coming out next month on November 7th is a comic featuring everyone's favorite hanar spectre, Blasto. If you're not familiar with Blasto, he is a fictional…fictional character in the Mass Effect series. Over the course of Mass Effect 2 and 3, players could hear audio dialog from the fictional movies’ trailers, and in the last game you could hear a 10 minute trailer that describes the entire Blasto 6: Partners in Crime movie. The first Spectre Hanar originally came from a joke on the BioWare Social Network about a hanar Spectre. Now, BioWare is taking the joke one step further by releasing an actual comic based off Blasto. The description of the comic is as follows:

Written by lead game writer Mac Walters with art by Omar Francia, Blasto: Eternity is Forever, is sure to be a cult favorite amongst fans of the increasingly popular game series!

Blasto, who is described as having "a lover in every port and a gun in every tentacle" doesn't have time for your solid waste excretions. On a remote space station overlooking the Elcor homeworld… the lone Spectre puts an end to the nefarious deeds of an outlaw band of mercenaries bent on galactic-wide domination.

The first annual N7 Day will invite fans to celebrate the Mass Effect franchise worldwide, with a coinciding game release of BioWare's best selling smash hit Mass Effect Trilogy.

Blasto: Eternity is Forever is available exclusively through the Dark Horse Digital on November 7th!

Source: Kotaku