Sniper Elite 4: All 30 Stone Eagle Collectibles | Locations Guide

It feels like there’s no end to the collectibles in Sniper Elite 4, so we’re going to try and focus on something a little bit more manageable, the Stone Eagles. There are 30 pieces of Nazi propaganda to smash total in Sniper Elite 4, with three available in each mission. They can be pretty well hidden, so we’re going to try and point you in the right direction.

Sniper Elite 4 expands the scope (pun intended) of the series, placing your lone soldier in massive open-ended areas where you’re free to snipe and sneak to your heart’s content. There’s no linear hallways or bottlenecks to contend with, and you’ll find tons of optional tasks to complete on the way to the final objective. It’s a change to the formula that feels perfect, even if the collectible count has become insane.

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All 30 Stone Eagle Collectibles | Locations Guide

Stone Eagles are a special collectibles in Sniper Elite 4 — instead of “collecting” them, you just need to blast them. Usually they’re hidden in high places, on top of ruins or landmarks in the environment.

There are three Stone Eagles in all eight story missions. The last set of six can be acquired in the co-op missions. Getting them all will unlock rewards, so they’re not just for earning an achievement / trophy.


Mission 1: San Celini Island

  • Stone Eagle #1: Right at the start of the mission, climb up into the first sniper tower to the left of the gate that leads into the main section of the island. From the tower, look toward the lighthouse and scan left for a tall ruin. The ruin is on the northwestern corner of the island.
  • Stone Eagle #2: Find the ruined tower next to the docks on the southern edge of the island. The tower is directly above the dockyard. Check out the highest point to find it.
  • Stone Eagle #3: Next, go to the high hill where the Nazi Officer patrols inside a barn in the southeast section of the island. From this high area, look for the ruin in the far southestern corner.

Mission 2: Bitanti Village

  • Stone Eagle #1: From the starting docks, move to the western edge and look left (facing the village) to spot a lone sail boat. Take a closer look at the sail boat to find the first Stone Eagle in this mission.
  • Stone Eagle #2: The second eagle decorates the large archway that marks the exit to the docks area. Look in the center of the arch. You’ll find it just as you reach the end of the dock, right at the outer edge of the village.
  • Stone Eagle #3: The last eagle can also be seen from the docks. Look up at the castle at the top of the hill. There’s a massive Nazi flag hanging from the keep. Look above that flag to spot this eagle in the distance.

Mission 3: Regilino Viaduct

  • Stone Eagle #1: Go to the mill (on the path to the plane crash) — from the large mill building, look toward the lake shore. Near the water, just above eye-level, there’s a single jutting rocky with a very hard-to-spot eagle.
  • Stone Eagle #2: Look for a very tall rock, located just above the secondary depot objective. This is the small motor pool down the road (and west) from the main supply place on the northern side of the viaduct.
  • Stone Eagle #3: From the watchtower in the main supply base (north of the rail cannon), look at the tall mountain wedge to the east that’s still within the modeled area of the map. There’s a shark peak with this eagle on top.

Mission 4: Lorino Dockyard

  • Stone Eagle #1: From the start, go towards the first spotlight on the three story building (Berto!) by taking the southern path — the one that leads toward the harbor master — and get on the roof. From here, look on the rocky hills south of the nearby horizontal train tracks on the map.
  • Stone Eagle #2: Follow the train tracks down to the southern edge of the map — from the red-roofed building on the map, look southwest toward the tree line to spot yet another tricky stone eagle.
  • Stone Eagle #3: The last one is easier to find. Look toward the lighthouse in the distance. Next to the stairs to the dock, there’s a large lamp illuminating the eagle.

Mission 5: Abrunza Monastery

  • Stone Eagle #1: Taking the northernmost winding road up toward the Monastery entrance. You’ll pass by two small buildings — this is one of the exfiltration points. Look on the rooftop of the building from the road — there’s a section under repair with tiles missing. The Stone Eagle is right there.
  • Stone Eagle #2: Down in the castle fort where you’ll need to clear out all German resistance, look up at the northernmost corner. The eagle is up on the wall, and pretty easy to spot.
  • Stone Eagle #3: Inside the Monastery itself, go through the front entrance and climb the stairs. Up stairs in the interior courtyard, there’s a spot to the right of the door with this eagle. This is before entering the flat courtyard with the doors to the cathedral.

Mission 6: Magazzeno Facility

  • Stone Eagle #1: From the first facility you enter, look in the distance toward the tall facility walls on the western edge of the area. In the non-traversable area, there’s a structure with this stone eagle. It’s on the very edge, to the left — near the “Kill Nazi Officer” area on the western shore.
  • Stone Eagle #2: Go to the objective where you need to destroy the massive artillery gun on the roof of the southeastern facility. From the rooftop, look east into the exterior of the map for a concrete bunker. Look for the visible silver pipe near the roof. The eagle is on this bunker.
  • Stone Eagle #3: Near the exit of the mission, where you’ll need to locate and extract with Kessler, go up the stairs to the top of a facility built into the hill. This is an easy landmark to spot and it’s the highest stairs in the area. Go to the top and climb onto the roof to get a good look at the third stone eagle.

Mission 7: Giovi Fiorini Mansion

  • Stone Eagle #1: Travel north from the start and use your scope to view the front (north face) of the giant mansion estate on the island in the center of the map. The Stone Eagle is located directly above the front door of the estate.
  • Stone Eagle #2: In the northern section of the town, look for a small island between the two canals. There’s a large square building on this island — on the northeast rooftop, there’s a flag on a pole. Beneath the flag, you’ll find this eagle.
  • Stone Eagle #3: Go to the village square where the massacre took place. This is the same area where you exfiltrate to complete the mission. At the northern end of the square, there’s a large building where a sniper resides nearby. The eagle is directly above this building’s front doors.

Mission 8: Allagra Fortress

  • Stone Eagle #1: In the first section of the base, while you’re still outside, look in the mountains above the small bunker east of the main entrance inside. Standing in front of the bunker, look up (and to the right) to spot this eagle in the rocks. It isn’t too far away.
  • Stone Eagle #2: The next eagle is in the same exterior area, only you’ll need to look at the western ridge, left of the main entrance into the base. Look in the narrow canyon where the frozen river is located — on the northern face, scan for this eagle.
  • Stone Eagle #3: In the last room of the base with the railyard and the objective to destroy the processing plant, look above the large concrete office where you confront General Bohm and initiate the end of the mission. The eagle is on the roof of that office.


  • Stone Eagle #1: Look for a small orange-marked house on the southeastern border of the compound / village below. The house can be seen from your starting position, almost directly to the south. There are multiple trucks parked nearby, and the stone eagle is on the lower rooftop.
  • Stone Eagle #2: From the starting area, enter the narrow canyon that leads north. Part of the way through, you’ll find a partially destroyed ruin. At the very top, there’s an eagle visible.
  • Stone Eagle #3: Go to the area in the west where you’ll need to search for the partisan spy. The eagle is on the roof of the building with the objective marker right on top.


  • Stone Eagle #1: Go to the cliffs with a view of the village in the northwestern edge of the map. Find the dock on the water, then slowly scan left to spot this Stone Eagle on the shoreline.
  • Stone Eagle #2: Around the center of the map, in the canyons area with caves and hills to climb, there’s a tall ruined fortress visible in the middle. Look up at those ruins — high up in one of the walls, there’s a windowsill that contains this eagle.
  • Stone Eagle #3: Get a view of the eastern dockyard and look for the large crane near where the tracks exit the map on the eastern border. The final eagle is on this crane.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • A Bird in the Hand…
    • Shoot all Stone Eagles