Top 5 Reasons to Play M.E.R.C.


XCOM is a dominant force in the real-time strategy game department. But every once and a while a game will come a long that will bring something new and unique to the table. And that is exactly what indie developer TinyMob accomplished with their new game M.E.R.C.

M.E.R.C. is similar to the XCOM series as it is a real-time strategy game. However, M.E.R.C. has its own set of gameplay features and ideas that make it, its own. TinyMob has done a great with the game thus far and it is still in alpha. There are a lot of reasons why you should give TinyMob’s M.E.R.C. title a shot, but I’m going to narrow it down to the top 5 reasons.

Here are the top five reasons you need to play M.E.R.C

5. It has its own style

Different from other real-time strategy games like the XCOM series, M.E.R.C has its own unique style to itself. The game allows players to experience something different; instead of moving your team one by one, the battlefield is constantly moving. Keeping players on their toes at all times. Being sharp will be a necessity while playing M.E.R.C. as you will only have a little of time to choose your plan of attack.

4. Massive Procedurally Generated Levels

One of the best things about M.E.R.C is that it offers players procedurally generated missions. Games who offer this feature will always have players coming back to play their game because the missions are random. No one knows what type of mission structure, map, or an enemy faction you will come up against. This feature gives the game an extra sense of immersion.

3. Co-op Gameplay

Going into the battle solo is always nerve wrecking. Will you lose some of your comrades? Or will you come out victorious? Now with a co-op option, players can link up a strategize their plan of attack, which honestly will make the game a lot more fun. Join a buddy and tackle some missions, or matchmake and join a random player.

2. Character Customization

We’ve seen a lot of customization in games like this and it is nice to see that developer TinyMOb bring the feature to M.E.R.C. Customizations get pretty in-depth in the game allowing players to customize their character’s special abilities, armor, and much more.

1. Manager of Your MERCenray Company

Being the manager of your Mercenary company is no light work. Players will need to play both conservatively and efficiently if they plan to become a dominant force in the Sprawl. Completing missions and challenges will grant players financial bonuses that they can use to spend on their troops unit capability, strength, and special ability. Becoming the ultimate M.E.R.C. team will take work, but by playing smart and sticking together with your friends, the goal is obtainable.