Top 10 Best Food Video Games

Best Video Games about Food

Top 10 Food Games

I am a typical American woman. As such, my favorite food is pizza, followed closely by hamburgers. In fact, if I were to make a food pyramid illustrating my dietary habits, the entire pyramid would be made of bread.

The seminal Duke Nukem (née "Nukum") makes light of junk food: "Drink soda to increase your health!" (Incidentally, Nukum, like Wolfenstein's B.J., also had an affinity for turkey legs. Jill of the Jungle preferred apples. I have no idea what Commander Keen eats, but hamburgers, probably.)

From Ninja Turtles to River City Ransom, a lot of 2D beat-em-ups obsess over junk food. And why not? Processed foods make for the perfect power-up—microwavable, short-lived energy, just right for after-school snacking, annoying mothers everywhere. Gaming and food seemingly go hand-in-hand.

But what of those videogames, those bizarre outliers, wherein food is the principal play mechanic, nay, the the philosophic center of the narrative? I and my editor, Gameranx's Ian Miles Cheong, have worked through the hour to compile a list of such games. Together we proudly present the top ten videogames about food.