Nintendo Switch: Price, Release Date, Specs, Games & Everything Else You Need To Know

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Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo’s Online Service is getting an overhaul on the Nintendo Switch. The service will be free for early adopters, available starting in March with the release of the Switch, but will become a paid-for subscription-based service in Fall, 2017.

The service will be similar to PS Plus or Xbox Live — subscribing will allow you to connect with friends and play multiplayer games together, access online chat, and get free games.

  • Nintendo Online Service Features:
    • Online Multiplayer (Not required for local or couch coop.)
    • Use Smart Devices to connect with friends.
      • Set play appointments.
      • Chat with friends online and in-game.
      • More Smart Device features to be announced.
    • ¬†Subscribers get a free NES/SNES game every month.
      • Unlike PS Plus / Xbox Live, the “free” game will be available only during the month-long period. You won’t be able to keep the game after the month is up.
    • Exclusive Nintendo eShop deals.

You won’t need to subscribe to the Online Service to share screenshots, manage Friends, access the Parental Controls app, or access the eShop.