Top 10 Best FPS Games for Mac OS X

FPS Games for MAC OS X

best fps games mac os x

The Mac may not be regarded by many (or even anyone, really) as a gaming platform, but just because it's good for graphics, music creation and just about any creative endeavor doesn't mean games don't exist for the platform.

On the contrary, even without booting to Windows, the games available for the OS X are quite numerous and thanks to both Apple's own App Store and Valve's Steam, Mac owners can now turn their Mac into a gaming computer—albeit one with a limited library of good games.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of first person shooters, or FPS titles that run natively on the Mac OS X. You can pick any of these games up through Valve's Steam platform or through the App Store. We'd recommend the former, if only to keep all your games in one place. Picking them up on Steam will also allow you to install and play those games on the PC without having to buy them twice.