10 Little GTA 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Notice

Grand Theft Auto 5 is without a doubt one of the best open-world games ever made. Nothing else (that isn’t The Witcher 3, anyway) comes close to offering the freedom and interactivity of GTA 5.

And a big part of the game’s charm, beyond the diverse variety of gameplay it offers, is how much character Rockstar Games put into the city of Los Santos and its surrounding environs. There’s just a whole lot of things in the game that anyone who’s played through it once would’ve probably missed unless you knew about it beforehand. There’s a ton of things that just aren’t obvious at first glance, that we might take for granted.

The game is all about details. It’s the little things, you know? Like the way vending machines can actually run out of soda if you spend minutes (and we do mean very long minutes) activating the machine over and over again.

It’s details like these that make the game what it is. Beyond just being a fantastic open-world game with a memorable story and characters, Rockstar went the extra mile with GTA 5—just as they do with all their games.

To that end, we prepped a video to showcase some of the many cool things we totally love about the game. Check it out above.