Brighten up your Sunday with some Metal Slug Art!

Next year I am due to move closer to my University, so I’ve  been scouring the WEB for some Metal Slug Art to put in my small commune’s passage (and to give me a reason to shout “MARCO!” at anyone else I make eye contact with while walking down). While searching I thought that I would do a post reminding ya’ll just how awesome this game was (and is!).

From my research so far I could find the exact artist for the series – what I did find out is that in the 90’s the small team of creators would fulfill multiple roles of programmer, artist, tester etc. and would often not credit themselves as they would be working for multiple companies at once.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a place to buy any official pixel art and am likely going to end up buying fan art so I can have at least some sort of inclination to my childhood days fighting these over-the-top enemies.