Best Local Co-op Games for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC

Best Local Co-op Games

local co-op games

The first game I ever played was Double Dragon 2. It was a cooperative game, and one I immensely enjoyed playing with my mom  on my first computer—which my dad had bought because he thought it'd be a good idea to invest in one at the time. 

The joys of beating up bad guys with someone else at your side—be it a buddy, a parent, or a dog capable of playing video games (how I wish my dog could do this) by far outclasses single player games in terms of fun. This is at least true for some games, and for those times when you don't feel like spending time alone with a game and prefer the company of others. 

Games have come a long way since Double Dragon 2, with online modes surpassing local play. That said, local co-op has never gone away—and with any luck, it never will. I'll take the opportunity to highlight the best local co-op games this generation of games has to offer. 

Note: We aren't including sports games because most, if not all of them have local co-op. We'd like use this article to highlight other games.