15 Games That Deserve Sequels

When the game credits roll and you wipe the tears from your eyes, insisting that it's merely the result of onion-cutting, the inherent feeling of "more" inevitably crosses your mind. No matter how fulfilling an experience, gamers tend to be insatiable – and that's how publishers make money, by revisiting old franchises and pumping out new content that may or may not be as good as the original.

Then there are some games that publishers never touch – maybe because they never made enough money to warrant the risk of a sequel or maybe because they were simply put on a shelf and forgotten about. It's these titles that gamers becry as lost chances, the next best thing, or purely nostalgic endeavors.

Titles like as Portal and Shadow of the Colossus might be fantastic games we wish were longer or had the chance to experience for the first time all over again, but that doesn't mean they lend themselves well to sequels. The following list isn't a measure of the best games ever made, merely titles that deserve something more.

#15 – Jet Set Radio Future

It's been too long since Smilebit has put together a playlist that I can listen to for hours on end. The wild heart-pounding tracks were rivalled only by the incredible art design, and the mashup gave gamers a vibrant and memorable experience. It's a formula for success, Sega just needs to break out the blueprints one more time.