10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Watch Dogs 2


Watch Dogs was a brand new IP from Ubisoft which launched in 2014. For the most part, the video game received favorable reviews from critics and fans alike. Now we’re approaching closer to the launch date for the upcoming sequel, Watch Dogs 2.

The upcoming installment is set to launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2016, with the PC release following shortly after on November 29, 2016. If you enjoyed the first installment or if you happened to pass it up, then take a look at ten reasons why picking up the sequel may be well worth your hard earned money.

Drones/Advanced Gadgets


Watch Dogs 2 is tackling on a slew of different gadgets that will prove to be useful for the stealthy hacker. In the original Watch Dogs, gamers were able to hack a series of cameras to see around corners and different sections of a particular building, which proved to be useful when trying to maintain hidden.

With the upcoming sequel, there will be a number of drone-type gadgets that players can use in a variety of ways. These devices can fly around buildings, take out the enemy, even ground-based drones can be used to maneuver around areas and hack objects such as door locks. This ultimately, means that you can stay well-hidden while you send in technology to do your dirty work.

Hacking Options


Hacking is a major center focus when it comes to the Watch Dogs franchise and while it was a new component in the IP, there really wasn’t a whole of lot options gamers could use to become creative when completing missions.

In the upcoming Watch Dogs 2, gamers will have a series of available hacks at their disposal. For example, gamers can hack a vehicle and from there can unlock its doors or even drive it around from their location. This could allow a player to use a vehicle as a massive moveable defense structure or a weapon against an enemy target.



It’s apparent that the movement and fleeing system will flow better in Watch Dogs 2. From the creators behind the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, it seems that Ubisoft is bringing over some parkour type elements to the world of Watch Dogs 2.

Players can leap around the ground, scale roofs, and overall rush through the congested city with relative ease. It’s to be seen just how much the game will open up with parkour abilities, but with the gameplay shown off right now, Watch Dogs 2 does show some similarities to Assassin’s Creed.



Combat has been freshened up for Watch Dog’s sequel. The video game seems that developers really doubled down on gunplay and melee. There will be plenty of guns that you can 3D print as you progress within the video game campaign, but one feature that gamers may be excited about is the new melee weapon.

Our protagonist, Marcus, has a weapon known as the Thunder Ball which is essentially a billiard ball attached to a paracord. This opens up with a variety of combat attacks and takedowns. Furthermore, it seems that players will be able to call in a makeshift gang that can be used to thin out a general area before going in to complete a mission.

New Fast Travel Locations


In Watch Dogs, players can fast travel to select areas within the city. Now that the world of Watch Dogs 2 is said to be quite bigger than the original, there will be new areas players can fast travel to. More specifically, players can fast travel to just about any store which will certainly come handy when traversing around the game world.

A Bigger World


Watch Dogs 2 is set to take place in a fictionalized version of San Francisco and it’s going to be bigger than the previous installment of Chicago. Gamers can go explore the world right from the start and much like our previous point, with this world being plenty big, it’s a good thing that the developers adding several fast travel locations.

New Multiplayer Modes


Gamers will find that there will be a seamless cooperative multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs 2 where gamers can meet and interact with random players easily. Not only can gamers work together in missions, there will be competitive multiplayer modes available such as one-versus-one Online Invasions.

There is also a new mode known as Bounty Hunter in which players will attempt to hunt down a particular bounty and collect the experience points.

The Protagonist


Okay, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves quite yet but one point that is certainly making its rounds online is the new protagonist. For the most part, gamers didn’t find Watch Dogs leading protagonist Aiden Pearce to be all that memorable.

Watch Dogs 2’s protagonist, Marcus Holloway, on the other hand, has already gained quite the following. This character seems to be a bit more lively and personable than Aiden Pearce and his parkour movement and gadgets definitely helps when attempting to gather fans.




Watch Dogs allowed a very limited selection of customization for Aiden Pearce. When it comes to Watch Dogs 2, developers really opened up creativity options for gamers. Players can dress up Marcus Holloway in any way they please. This also goes for the variety of skins and designs that can be placed on weaponry.

Extra Activities


Being an open world video game, there is going to be extra activities outside of the main story campaign. Ubisoft has put plenty of new options for gamers to go through such as puzzles which will unlock new abilities for Marcus or picking up NPCs that will have their own requests. We can’t wait for the video game to release in order to see just what other activities have been placed in the Watch Dogs sequel.