Shadow Warrior 2: Here’s Where to Find a Minecraft Room Easter Egg


Some games are¬†inescapable, and even Shadow Warrior 2 must bow down before the mighty power of the behemoth entity known as Minecraft. Borderlands 2 featured its own Minecraft-inspired section, so Shadow Warrior 2 follows suit in its own hidden way. Unfortunately, you won’t get any 8-bit guns here, or encounter an explosive Creeper. No, these big ol’ blocks are just for show.

Still, this is a pretty neat little Easter egg, and another worthy addition to add on to the pile. Check out where to find it, and what the area looks like, in the Easter egg guide down below, and be sure to follow Gameranx as we continue to tear down the proverbial Shadow Warrior 2 house and publish cool hidden stuff.

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Secret Minecraft Room – Easter Egg Guide

The Minecraft room (pictured above) is found during the mission Ninja’d Scrolls – Part 2. More specifically, you’ll find the Easter egg room in the same area where you’ll kill the guard holding the key to Dojo Kid’s cage.

On the left side of the room, there’s a suspicious cavern alcove behind a wooden wall. Squeeze behind the wooden panel wall to find a passage with a long, dark hole. You don’t take fall damage in Shadow Warrior 2, so it’s totally safe to drop right down.

[Just follow Youtuber Leguaani for exact instructions.]

Down below, blast all the walls in sight to open the passage into the Minecraft room. You’ll earn yourself one secret unlocked, a statue for some extra cash / loot, and basically a fun visual gag. There’s nothing else here, just lots of Minecraft blocks — no digging, unfortunately.

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