Shadow Warrior 2: Use This Photo Mode Glitch for Infinite Slo-Mo


Who doesn’t love slo-mo? Call it Bullet Time, Focus — whatever it is, things move slow, and you can enjoy an unlimited amount of it with this awesome little Shadow Warrior 2 glitch. All you have to do is take advantage of the game’s included Photo Mode.

There are whole communities of fans that love taking screenshots of their favorite games in Photo Mode, and Shadow Warrior 2 definitely stacks up in the graphics department, especially for a budget-priced title. PC-enthusiasts are all about cool stuff like this, but it looks like the developers might’ve overlooked one fine detail.

Slo-Mo Photo Mode – Glitch Guide

This is an incredibly simple glitch to pull off. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Pause Menu and select “Photo Mode”
  2. While in Photo Mode, press [Q] to activate Slow-Motion.
  3. Now press [F9] to exit Photo Mode.
  4. Viola! Slow-motion forever.

Don’t believe us? Just check out this helpful video from Youtuber Froggerdog as he shows off all the slow motion a growing violence-loving boy could ask for.

Slo-mo in Photo Mode was clearly designed to help you take those perfect in-action screenshots, capturing a moment of pure brutality as you chop up demonic enemies mid-swing. There’s a lot to love about the simple, everyday joys of Photo Mode, and now you can taste the bonus of a fun little glitch.

We suspect this glitch, or mode, or whatever you want to call it, might get removed in the near future — but considering that publisher Devolver is behind this one, we’re going to guess they might just make it into an official thing. If anyone enjoys a good cheat, it’s going to be the mad-minds at Devolver.


This glitch is only confirmed to work on PC as of publishing date. When the console versions drop next year, we’ll know for sure if this stays in the game.