Battlefield 1 Medal Basics Explained (Guide)

Battlefield 1 will offer weekly challenges for players to partake in. Unlike the previous games, these will be a lot more involved and rotated on a weekly basis. The new game will offer Medals for players who complete certain tasks each week. You can unlock them regardless of your playstyle—whether you’re a team-player or a lone wolf.

“Battlefield veterans will notice some changes in how the commemorations work this time around. Each Medal still has a specific unlock criteria,” developer DICE explains. “In Battlefield 1 you have the freedom to choose which medals to pursue.”

Each week, players can unlock five Medals and new challenges will be added after the week ends. You can only unlock one Medal at a time, but you’ll be able to switch classes to pursue unlocking a different Medal.

“This goes hand in hand with the philosophy of choice in Battlefield 1. To find something that caters to your play style at any given moment, you are free to choose which Medal you’re currently most interested in tracking. You can only track one Medal at the time, but if you change game mode or role you can switch focus and go for another Medal. Your progression will be kept as long as the weekly reset hasn’t happened yet.”

Each Medal requires three or five stages to be completed, with each proceeding level more difficult than the previous. Some Medals will be class-based, requiring you to complete actions specific to that class. For instance, a Medic medal will require you to kill 20 players, heal teammates 100 times, and complete 20 revives.

Other medals will be multidisciplinary, requiring you to perform as different classes.

There’s a grand total of 34 medals and unlocking each will also earn you experience points. You can unlock each medal 100 times.