25 Best Video Game Inspired Alcoholic Drinks

Sometimes video games make you want to drink. Or maybe it's that drinking makes you want to play video games. Either way, it sounds like a positive feedback loop to me, and I think most gamers will approve of the following list.

These drink concepts were taken from the archives over at The Drunken Moogle Tumblr account and include the necessary recipes to recreate the alcoholic beverages along with links to the original entries. 

The concept of video game themed drinks pair perfectly with nerd parties, and are the perfect way to say "I'm an adult, but I still love video games like a child." Obviously, the only way to tell which of these is your favorite is to create and then sample each. Your liver will love you!

We here at GameRanx heartily encourage drinking, but only if you are of age. If not, then completely disregard the following list until your 21st birthday. Then you can join the rest of the drunken adults screaming at video games.

Let's get started.

Sonic the Hedgehog shot


-1 part grenadine

-2 parts Menthomint Schnapps

-4 parts Blue Curacao  

Directions: Pour in the grenadine first.  Then layer the Mentholmint schnapps and Blue Curacao on top, in that order.

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