25 Best Video Game Inspired Desserts

When you really love a game, and I mean really love a game, you want to absorb it in any way possible. This also includes creating edible versions of characters, logos, and environments and then consuming them. The following 25 images will make you hungry, that's a guarantee, but they will also make you nostalgic for some of the most iconic titles to ever grace our game libraries. After digesting this list, do yourself a favor and play one of the titles you see represented in dessert form while eating a cookie or something. 

Some of these images come with a link to their respective recipe, so you don't have to sit there sulking, wondering why you don't have someone to make these for you. No more crying in the shower out of loneliness, or at least you can have a cake in there to keep you company.

Look! I made it to the end of this without mentioning any malarky about cakes and their truthfulness! So hop aboard the diabetes train and let's get started.

These Portal cupcakes aren't just amazing, but you can make them yourself, thanks to Snack Or Die! Here's the link to the recipe!