Max Payne 3 Glitches: Zombies, GTA Free Roam & More

Max Payne 3 Glitches

max payne 3 glitches

Max Payne 3 has been out for about a week now, and like every other Rockstar Games release, it is kind of buggy—and will be until they patch it up. 

I'm sure we can all recall when Red Dead Redemption's John Marston had to use human birds as target practice and ride a donkey woman instead of a horse, or when the detective could run up buildings in L.A. Noire. Similar oddities happen in Max Payne 3. 

We've put together a list of ten bizarre glitches we've come across in Max Payne 3. Don't let these bugs dissuade you from picking the game up right now, though—it's good in spite of its glitches. 

The glitches come in both the singleplayer campaign and multiplayer varieties. As always, these glitches can get a bit spoilery—especially the ones that take place in the single player campaign. So be warned.