Assassin’s Creed 3 Weapons List

assassins creed 3 weapons

Assassin's Creed III takes the fight to the New World with the introduction of a new protagonist named Connor (whose Mohawk birth name I don't think anyone can pronounce), a half-Native American, half-British warrior who, in the vein of heroes everywhere, fights for the plight of the the common man. His story takes place in the midst of the Independence War. 

He's unallied with either the British or the Americans, but finds his path convergent with the American fight for independence. 

Armed with more than just his ideals, Connor equips himself with an array of deadly weapons, some of which this article covers—as they've been revealed to us thus far. 


Dual Pistols

dual pistols assassins creed 3

Firearms technology has significantly improved since the advent of their introduction into warfare. 

Far more reliable than the contraptions Ezio used to dispatch foes in the previous Assassin's Creed, Connor is armed with a pair of pistols that serve to take out his enemies at medium range. 

Powerful and loud, these pistols pack a punch. If there's a reason armor became obsolete, these pistols are it. 


Bow & Arrow

bow and arrow assassins creed 3

Connor uses a bow and arrow—a traditional Native American weapon—to hunt his prey, both animal and human. 

This weapon allows Connor to emphasize on stealth, and allows him to pick off hapless targets from a long distance away without ever entering their line of sight.

As for his targets, they'll never know what hit them. 



tomahawk assassins creed 3

The tomahawk is a light axe built for the sole purpose of killing and not for chopping trees, and this particular one is shaped after the symbol of the Assassins. It allows Connor to attack his enemies with impunity at close range. 

At one point in the game's development, Connor could even use the deadly weapon to take the scalps of his opponents, but the game's developers decided that such a move would be too vicious to fit the series. 

Regardless of the darker potential it has to offer, the tomahawk is a perfect addition to Connor's ensemble of gear. 


Hidden Blade

hidden blade assassins creed 3

The Hidden Blade makes its triumphant return in Assassin's Creed III. 

Wrapped and hidden beneath layers of clothing, this bladed weapon—iconic to the series—allows Connor to get up close and personal with his prey. 

The blade is unleashed at the last second, whisking out like the tale of a scorpion to bury itself in the vulnerable flesh of his opponents. 


Sawtooth Cutlass

sawtooth cutlass

The sawtooth cutlass looks like a weapon that would fit right in the hands of any self-respecting pirate. 

Being that there aren't any pirates in Assassin's Creed III (that we know of) one of these vicious looking blades will make its way into the hands of the esteemed protagonist, Connor, who acquires one on his journey to the lost Mayan ruins. 

Heads are almost certain to roll. 


Pontiac's Club

pontaics club assassins creed 3

The second of the weapons available to Connor through DLCs is Pontiac's club, a blunt, killing weapon with three blades attached to it. It's like a heavy stick with nails at the end, but made to look a whole lot classier—but no less efficient for getting the job done. 

The weapon is named after the Ottawa war chief who bravely took on the British by uniting the clans around Michigan and taking on their tyranny head on.