Worst game shown at E3 2010

Man vs Wild game

Man vs Wild is definitely one of the best shows on Discovery with Bear Grylls showing us what it takes to survive in the wild. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the video game adaptation of the series coming this Fall to Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. To begin with, the graphics of the game look like they are from the previous generation, the environments seem bland and the controls during not-so-epic fight sequences with sharks and crocodiles are a series of poorly executed quick time events.

Here are a few features that the devs are promising:
– Explore as Bear Grylls and survive the harshest environments spanning the globe.
(The main character in the game does not even look like Bear Grylls)

– Use actual survival techniques in game and gain survival knowledge for real life situations
(Survival knowledge for real life situations like stabbing a f*ckin crocodile)

– Experience massive variety from 1,000’s of Survival Challenges, unpredictable weather, 100’s of collectables and more.
– Conquer expeditions that require building shelter, finding food and water, maintaining Bear’s vital signs and more.

Check out the E3 2010 trailer for Man vs Wild and be prepared to be disappointed even further