Mass Effect 3: Less Disappointing Tali Concepts

Mass Effect 3: Tali's Face

mass effect tali's face

The revelation of Tali's face in Mass Effect 3 was one of the most eagerly anticipated moments in the game's history.

Even though the character was arguably immature and something of a walking encyclopedia in the first game, she managed to grow into her own—both emotionally and intellectually—in the second, and final games, becoming one of the series' most popular characters and love interests for the male Commander Shepard.

However, players—myself included—were disappointed at how her visage was revealed through a photoshopped image left on Shepard's bedside, rather than through an in-game reveal with the character model.

The revelation couldn't have been lazier given how much time fans of Tali had invested in courting the character throughout the series, since her first appearance in 2007.

Fans have come up with Tali renditions of their own that seem a lot less disappointing than the official BioWare version, which uses nothing more, and nothing less than an altered stock art image.

Had BioWare used one of the following fan concepts, we'd have been a lot less disappointed—I'm almost sure of it.