Top 20 Shocking Surprises and Secrets in Video Games

#20 DOOM II – John Romero’s Head

Staffers at id didn’t have a whole lot of love for John Romero during the development of Doom II; he had a massive ego and was very verbose about it. As a result of being, well, a dick, his staff decided to get back at their boss by creating a “shrine” in his honor.  What kind of shrine you ask? Well…

The boss in the final level of Doom II is supposed to be a giant, horned demon skull-head and if you listen closely, the beast says "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero!", but distorted and in reverse so that it sounds like a demonic chant.

In order to find Mr. John Romero, you had enable the 'No Clippings' mode and walk through the wall behind the demon head where you would then be confronted the loveable boss’ head on a stake.

You know what to do next.