Battleborn: All SHiFT Codes List [UPDATED: 9/29]


Making a return from Borderlands 2, SHiFT is back and bringing rewards to the world of Battleborn. Regularly, the guys at Gearbox send out SHiFT codes through Twitter or e-mail, and we’re going to keep you updated on the latest releases.

In the past, SHiFT codes unlocked golden keys. In Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, these keys opened a golden loot crate. Each time the crate opened, the player would receive a random roll of loot. Loot makes a return in Battleborn, but loot crates are a thing of the past. We don’t know yet what SHiFT codes might reward, but so far exclusive pre-order codes have provided early adopters with new titles and golden skins. Here’s hoping for even more awesome stuff.

See what SHiFT codes unlocked in the distant past of 2012 and 2014. Check out these unique Halloween Borderlands 2 SHiFT codes, or see some SHiFT-exclusive Vault Hunter head options.

For more redeemable bonus rewards, check out our Battleborn Tap gold Orendi skin unlock guide or keep scrolling down this page for all the details.

SHiFT Codes List

[UPDATED: 9/29 – Added Boldur’s Golden Oldie skin.]

Boldur’s Golden Oldie Skin – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO 


Oscar Mike’s Tango Foxtrot Skin – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO 


Whiskey Foxtrot’s “It’s Collectible Foxtrot!” Skin – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO 


UPR Loot Pack – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO 


RARE Loot Pack – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO



Golden Skins x3 [ISIC, Benedict, Shayne & Aurox] – US/EU – PC/PS4/XBO

  • SWKTB-356W6-XC5RJ-XK6T3-HJ333

Note: Having problems getting this code to work? Keep trying — it may take several tries before the code is properly submitted.

Found a SHiFT code we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it!

Expired SHiFT Codes

These SHiFT codes have expired. All SHiFT codes will eventually expire. Certain codes can only be used a limited number of times.

  • PAX Exclusive – 6 Loot Packs (1 Legendary, 5 Commander) & 10,000 Credits – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO


  • Ernest Golden Skin Pack – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO
  • EPIC Loot Pack 2 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO (Active through 08/14)
  • EPIC Loot Pack 1 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO (Active through 08/14)
  • EPIC Loot Pack 1 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO (Active through 08/08)
  • Canada Day / Independence Day Loot Pack – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO (Active through 7/20)
  • Exclusive Golden Skin [Pendles] – US/EU – PC/PS4/XBO (Active through 08/08)


  • EPIC Loot Pack x2 – US/EU – PC / PS4 / XBO [Expired on 06/06]
  • RARE Loot Pack 3 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO [Expired on 07/4]
    • ZKC3B-ST65K-9CW63-6KXB3-XSKWB
  • RARE Loot Pack 1 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO [Expired on 07/4]
  • OSCAR MIKE & RATH Hero Skins – US / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO [Expired on 7/11]


  • UNCOMMON Loot Pack 1 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO [Expired on 07/11]
  • UNCOMMON Loot Pack 2 – US  / EU – PC / PS4 / XBO [Expired on 07/11]

How to Use SHiFT Codes

Register or log in to a SHiFT account right here. SHiFT accounts are free to create and allow you to redeem any SHiFT codes found on this page.

  • Enter SHiFT Codes from the main menu.
  • Go to EXTRAS -> SHiFT to input the code on PC/PS4/XBO.
  • Enter the code to earn a reward.
  • Create a new SHiFT account if you don’t have one already.

How to Unlock the Free Gold Orendi Skin

To get a free gold Orendi skin, you’ll need the full retail release of Battleborn and the free Battleborn Tap app available on iOS and Android devices.

  • Open Battleborn Tap and open the “Home” tab. Tap the “SHiFT” button then tap “Connect” — enter your username / e-mail and password to sign into your account.
  • Now, open Battleborn and access the “Extras” option from the main menu. Select “SHiFT” and sign into your account.
  • Both accounts are now connected. Go to the “SHiFT” section for Battleborn to confirm your “Battleborn Tap Reward”.

Once the Orendi gold skin is redeemed, you’ll find it available by selecting Orendi and checking her Command tab screen. Skins are available to choose in the Character Select menu before an online match.

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