Battleborn: How to Skip the Opening Intro Cinematic


Battleborn‘s opening cinematic is a lavishly produced 2D animation with plenty of cartoon violence. It’s also pretty long and totally unskippable.

For those experiencing server issues or technical problems getting their copy of Battleborn to start, that’s a pretty unforgivable oversight. Nobody wants to watch an animated prologue multiple times over, and songs that might seem charming become cloying quick after multiple listens. If you’re experiencing problems, or if you’re not a fan of rap, then we’ve found a solution. Scroll down to see how to permanently skip the opening cinematic to Battleborn.

This is a simple fix, But if, for whatever reason, you need to get the animated intro back, there is a way to fix things. Start by accessing Steam and right-click Battleborn in your Game Library. From the pop-up menu, select “Properties” and view the “Local” tab. From this tab, select “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” to re-download any missing files. That should resolve any missing file issues.

How to Skip the Opening Cinematic

WARNING: This fix requires making changes to installation files. Also make a back-up of any altered files and place in a secure folder.

Skipping the opening cinematic is an extremely simple process. There are only two steps.

  • 1. Find the opening cinematic video file C1.bk2.


  • 2. Delete or rename the file.

That’s it! The animated intro will not automatically play. The entire sequence is skipped, and you can continue into the prologue in peace. Still, we totally recommend you check the opening out at least once. It’s a pretty worthwhile sit.

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