The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 24

We're back with another podcast filled with gaming awesomeness. We have a great show for you guys as we talk about the latest rumor spreading around on Microsoft's and Sony's next generation consoles. Jacob sparks up the conversation on how the next generation of consoles may not play used games, and we all throw in our little insights on what would come of Gamefly and Gamestop.

In an unrelated subject, THQ has dropped all its kid titles, which we believe is a smart idea. Ian makes a point on how the company should focus on larger titles such as the Darksiders series. In closing, the hosts of the show go into detail on just how they got into video game journalism and some of stories may just surprise you. We have everything from a ten year veteran in the business to a liberal arts degree college grad.

This week, we are giving away a copy of Trine 2. All you need to do is leave a comment down below, give us your feedback, comments, hot topics you would like us to talk about or just a friendly hello. We'll randomly select a winner!

Music: Tripping the light fantastic

Artist: Spaceman Fantastiques