Enter the Gungeon: Boss Guide

So you did it. You made it to the end of a floor in the Gungeon. But one last thing stands in your way between you and the elevator. The best tips for boss fights are using your blanks at the right time, and looking for the right positions and dodge roll patterns you need to execute.

Alongside each of the boss descriptions is a YouTube video, as watching a battle in action is the best way to understand the patterns and placement necessary for success.

If you beat all five bosses in a row without losing health, collecting five Master Rounds, you get the Lead God achievement.

If you cover a boss with glitter before killing it, you get the Day Ruiner achievement.


1- Keep of the Lead Lord

Congrats! You aren’t a total failure at this game. If you beat the First Chamber 50 times, you get the Castle Crasher achievement.

Bullet King: Outrun his chair and keep your distance as much as possible. His Molotov firebomb can be shot mid-air, if you get the chance to do that it’s definitely helpful.

Gaming Dog on YouTube takes him down in this video.

Gatling Gull: His missile attack is really easy to avoid, so unload on him during that window of opportunity. His burst shot creates a wave of bullets you need to dodge. But he can also create that bullet wave on its own, in a double succession attack.

Awesome Cake posted a video of what you could expect from the Gull.

Trigger Twins: Try and get a power-up or gun that shoots bullets through multiple enemies at once. Then time your shots as best as possible early on. When you kill either of the twins, the remaining twin goes into a rage mode.

Watch Billy Pool’s video to see the Trigger Twins in action.

2 – Gungeon Proper

Not bad, for a rookie. Clearing the Second Chamber 40 times gets you the Dungeon Diver achievement.

Ammoconda: This multi-chambered beast crawls its way around the screen, with bullets raining out of its long body. Take out any grunts that spawn in any of the four corners, before the Ammoconda has a chance to eat them. If he does, he’ll recover some health and gain a short stat buff.

YouTuber GogDog gave this boss quite a fight.

Beholster: Watch out for the homing missiles, which can do a large chunk of damage while you’re distracted with everything else. The Beholster will also create eyeball soldiers that can shoot at you as well.

Twitch streamer Gamer Fury uploaded his brawl with the Eye.

The Gorgun: She dives underwater, creating a trail of poison around the room. Along with that, she uses her automatic weapons to create a circle of bullets that extends out in all directions. Keeping as much distance as possible is very important, to make that attack easier to dodge.

Mr. HuckleberryV took on this She-Beast. In this video you can see how he did it.

3-  Black Powder Mine

Halfway there. If you clear the Third Chamber 30 times, you get the Mine Master achievement.

Cannonbalrog: When he darkens up the room, the Cannonbalrog fires a series of volleying mega-shots. You can’t shoot the creature during this phase, so just focus on dodging the volleys as they ricochet.

Streamer ratchethero21 uploaded a video with some tips for this boss.

Treadnaught: Outrun him, and don’t stop moving. He takes a bit of extra time to turn, which gives you an advantage. His tank can destroy the room pillars, use them as cover only when necessary. When he spawns enemy soldiers, take them out as soon as possible.

Many people have a problem with this boss. But MrFandango Jimmies pulls out another win on video.

4- Hollow

Actually impressive! It’s not all the way there, but it’s pretty close. Clearing the Fourth Chamber 20 times gets you the Hollowed Out achievement.

High Priest: Taking advice from the Cannonbalrog, the High Priest can turn out the lights for one of his attacks. When he vomits skulls, shoot them before they have a chance to reach you.

YouTuber Awesome Cake pulls off a swift victory, but at least you can see the High Priest’s attacks in action.

Kill Pillars: Four statutes possessed by evil spirits to give you hell. They each have their own health bar, so you need to keep that in mind here.

David Todd uploaded a close fight with the Kill Pillars, winning with only half a heart left.

Wallmonger: If you have an immunity to fire item, that gives you a strong advantage for a majority of the fight.

Twitch streamer Rico Vda had a technique using the fightsaber gun’s ability to his advantage to win against the Wallmonger. Worth checking out!

5- Forge

Master of the Gungeon. Clearing the Fifth Chamber 10 times gets you the Forger achievement.

High Dragun: You will always face the High Dragun as the final boss. He has two phases to watch out for. The first one is a standard bag of tricks. The second one is an endless barrage of bullets, with small openings to dodge roll to inbetween them.

The first time you beat the Dragun, you get the Slayer achievement.

Admiral Vic uploaded the first time they killed the Dragun. It’s worth watching here especially, to understand the complex patterns involved.

The Past

This is the part where the game takes a huge turn. Remember all those times you died? How it kept saying “The Past Still Haunts You”? Each character in Enter the Gungeon has their own extra boss. You need to build a bullet that can travel back to their past to find them though.

In the Forge level of the Gungeon, you meet a magical blacksmith lady that can help you out with this. You’ll need to get her the Prime Primer (buy it from a shop), Arcane Gunpowder (hidden in the Black Powder Mine, across a gap), Planar Lead (hidden in a similar gap room in the Hollow), and an Obsidian Shell casing (from killing the Dragun). You don’t need to get it to her all at once. The game keeps track of this across multiple runs via a statue in the Breach.

Just building the bullet is a feat. You unlock the Gunsmith achievement for doing it.

Doing that long errand gets you access to the pasts of each Gungeoneer. At the end of each of their flashback sequences is a boss. Honestly, if you can beat the Dragun, these bosses of the past are easy in comparison.

Convict: Stop a Crime Boss rival from throwing you in the slammer!

You gain the Double Jeopardy achievement for amending Convict’s past.

Check out this video of Vulkans face off against the Mobster.

Hunter: Take down an evil Wolfenstein parody doctor and stop his plans for world destruction.

You gain the Deadliest Game achievement for killing Hunter’s past.

Horheristo uploaded footage of his playthrough through the Hunter’s level.

Marine: Save your fellow Marines and Science Team from a threat beyond our dimension.

You gain the Squad Captain achievement for restoring Marine’s past.

This video by Volcynika shows them giving the Alien boss a go.

Pilot: YOU GET TO FIGHT IN SPACE. WITH A SPACESHIP. You don’t need my help for this. Just have fun.

You gain the Wingman achievement for fixing Pilot’s past.

horheristo is able to share this epic space battle with us all.

6 – Bullet Hell

The Lich: The Final-Final Boss of Enter the Gungeon. Three phases of death dealing and bullet mayhem await you.

Beating the boss gets you the Gungeon Master achievement.

Even I didn’t make it this far. Thankfully Admiral Vic did, so you can see what to expect.

Other Bosses

Blobulord: The king of the blob family who rules over the Gungeon sewers, known as the Oubliette.

To get to the sewers, you need a water or liquid-like weapon that can put out the fireplace in the Keep of the Lead Lord. When the fire goes out and the grate opens, go to the inside back wall and flip the switch (whatever your mapped interaction button is), and you’ll hear the sound of a distant door opening. When you find the newly opened room on your map, you’ll need two keys to get inside. You manage to unlock the grate, you can finally access the Oubliette.

DON’T grab the red armor plate you find in the level until AFTER you defeat the Blob boss.

Accessing the Oubliette level gets you the Grate Hall achievement.

Watch MrFandango Jimmies beat this boss.

Old King: It’s a reskin of the Bullet King from Keep of the Lead Lord. Except he has a whole host of new attacks – dark energy that does double damage, a ton of extra health, and a flaming cross that divides the battlefield into quarters.

You’ll need that Red Armor from the Oubliette to access the Abbey. Place it on the shrine in the temple-like room in Gungeon Proper.

Admiral Vic on YouTube uploaded their brawl with this guy. It’s an intense five minutes.

Accessing the Temple gets you the Reverence for the Dead achievement.

Blockner: This boss is part of a side quest where you get revenge for the tutorial guy, Manuel. To start this quest, go through the Hall of Knowledge and find the crack in the library. Use a blank to reveal a secret passage. Pick up the armor and head on over to Manuel as usual. This time when you try and fight him, he’ll make note of the old armor you picked up. When he tells you the story of Blockner, agree to avenge Manuel.  He’ll have his own boss room alongside the regular rotation in Black Powder Mine.

Defeating Blockner gets you the Sworn Gun achievement for avenging Manuel.

Door Lord: A random chance encounter that can happen anytime between Gungeon Proper, Black Powder Mine, and the Hollow levels. He’s speculated to show up as a boss if you have a high curse level before entering the room.