20 Wild and Wacky Weapons of Enter the Gungeon


Why shoot just bullets? When you can shoot paper airplanes or beams of light? In an arsenal that rivals even James Bond, Enter the Gungeon has an array of firepower that’s one of a kind. Bring your own kind of a methods to the madness.

GungeonBarrel copy

Barrel. “Even mentioning guns in the Gungeon can have strange effects. This is an old idiom that has been given physical form through simple repetition. Note: Words are the Gungeon’s second language, so slight inaccuracies may occur.”

GungeonBigIron copy

Big Iron. “The Big Iron is a strange revolver, created by attaching additional barrels to a magnum. The barrels are not actually connected to the chamber, but they fire nonetheless.”

GungeonFlashRay copy

Flash Ray. “The trusty sidearm of a spacefaring hero. Featuring a stylish design and solid performance, this blaster is almost always worth keeping around.”

GungeonGunbow copy

Gunbow. “Fires a large ricochet round. In an attempt to combine the combat efficiency of bullets with the stealth and recoverability of arrows, modern archers developed the Gunbow.”

GungeonAnt copy

Gungeon Ant. “Alternates between oily bursts and fiery blasts! When the great Bullet fell from the sky, not even the earth beneath the Gungeon was spared.”

GungeonHeckBlaster copy

Heck Blaster. “Extremely rapid fire. Used by a wiggly hero in the early days of the Gungeon.”

GungeonHexagun copy

Hexagun. “Can transmogrify foes. The Hexagun was created by a vengeful Gunjuror after his apprentices were slain by a Gungeoneer wielding the humble Bundle of Wands.”

GungeonHuntsman copy

Huntsman. “Reload for momentary safety. A misbegotten attempt to combine melee and ranged combat, the axe portion of this gun is mostly worthless.”

GungeonJolter copy

Jolter. “Originally built to kill thick-skinned space mutants, the Jolter fires unreasonably large shells.”

GungeonLightGun copy

Light Gun. “Each clip finishes with a homing bird. After a clumsy child of the Gungeon accidentally dropped this toy into a pit, they were forced to amuse themselves with the Dart Gun.”

GungeonLilBomber copy

Lil Bomber. “Charge to fire bombs. A forgetful adventurer left a pouch full of bombs deep in the Gungeon, and they eventually sprouted into this amusing weapon.”

GungeonMegahand copy

Megahand. “The Megahand is a relic of the Ten Days’ War against the robots. The most powerful robot masters would modify it for their own styles of combat. This one is basic, but it still works well.”


Proton Backpack. “Deals extra damage to ghosts and spectres. Originally brought to the Gungeon by a team of investigators who suspected that something strange was going on.”

GungeonRaidenCoil copy

Raiden Coil. “Damages all enemies on screen, no matter what. This cannon was built for mounting on Supersonic Attack Fighters, but has been retrofitted to be carried by infantry.”

GungeonScreecher copy

Screecher. “An overcharge anti-loitering and mob dispersal device. Forces enemies to forget their purpose and conviction.”

GungeonSiren copy

Siren. “Prevents goop effects. The siren’s watery blasts can be a lifesaver when faced with toxic pools or patches of flame.”

GungeonSuperMeatGun copy

Super Meat Gun. “Made of meat. Holding this gun allows its wielder to move just a little bit faster.”

GungeonTheJudge copy

The Judge. “Each clip contains a final shot with varying effects. Pass judgement on your enemies.”

GungeonWinchester copy

Winchester. “This modified shotgun has been refitted for one-handed use. The Winchester shotgun packs the same punch as a regular shotgun, but chambers more efficiently.”

GungeonWindupGun copy

Wind up Gun. “Decreases in damage output as the clip empties. You gotta wind it!”