DOOM’s Multiplayer Power-Ups Detailed: An Unfair Advantage

doom invisibility
Power-ups have been a staple of id Software’s games and the upcoming Doom isn’t going to change that. These power-ups can be found on the map in multiplayer games, augmenting the player’s capabilities and providing them with special advantages against their opponents for a limited period of time.

Just like power weapons, players who die with an active power-up will leave it behind for others to grab. It will last for the remainder of the duration.


You’re not a hundred percent invisible with this power-up, but you’ll certainly be a lot more difficult to see. The only thing to give away your position will be a slight distortion, allowing you to move around the map undetected. Firing your gun will certainly alert enemies to your presence, but hopefully not before you kill them.


Gotta go fast, Sonic the Hedgehog style. With this power-up, you’ll be able to zip around at high speeds, make longer jumps (due to your momentum) and even shoot faster. Weapons that require charging will also recharge faster, because why not?


You won’t have extra health with this power-up, but it’s still a lot like having extra health because you’ll be regenerating it even as you lose it. For a limited time, both your armor and health will recharge and even overcharge if you’re at the max.

Quad Damage

As the name implies, you’ll be able to do 4x more damage than normal with this power-up for a short period of time. All your weapons will be supercharged to deal massive damage, including power weapons. Lethal equipment is also affected.