Portal Knights and CABAL 2 Celebrate Easter With Special Events

Portal Knights
 (Steam link) from 505 Games and ESTSoft’s CABAL 2 are celebrating Easter this weekend with some fun new content for all the players.

In the latest update for Portal Knights, players can go on Easter egg hunts to find, well, literal Easter eggs scattered across the games’ grassy realms to discover and attack to earn collectible eggs.

In addition to the Easter event, players can expect to don six new sets of armor for both low-level and end-game players. A new tool, the hoe, has been added. It allows players to transform dirt blocks into fertile soil, enabling plants to grow three times as fast.

Here are some of the other things the update adds:

  • New universes can now be renamed
  • Four new types of building blocks – Red Carpet, Red Stone Bricks, Refined Obsidian and Refined Anorthosite
  • A new furniture set – the ‘Classic’ set
  • A new enemy – the Mummy – can be found in the dungeons
  • Three new items can now be crafted: Mini Bomb, TNT and Explosive Bomb
  • Landing pads can be relocated with a crafted item
  • Hollow King boss fight is now more challenging
  • Armour/Weapon attributes have been tweaked

In CABAL 2, an Easter event is taking place, inviting gamers tso enter dungeons to fight off a gigantic Easter bunny that drops rare loot, craftable recipes and collectible items upon defeat. The Easter bunny can be found in any dungeon in the games’ vast realms of Ektensia.