DOOM’s Power Weapons Detailed – Gauss Cannon, Chainsaw, and BFG 9000

Doom’s guns defined the staple of weapons in first-person shooters. Every game since the release of the 1992 classic has followed in its footsteps, offering variations of the pistol, shotgun, and minigun. Some of its more exotic weapons, like the BFG and the plasma cannon have remained exclusive to the series.

In the upcoming Doom’s multiplayer mode, players will be able to equip the classic weapons as well as a few new ones, introduced in the latest game. Most of these weapons are available as part of the player’s loadout.

The ones that aren’t are called power weapons, which are available only as limited-use pick-ups that spawn during multiplayer matches. They come with limited ammunition and must be discarded when they run out. You’ll only be able to use them again if you loot them off an enemy carrying them or once they respawn.

Gauss Cannon

gauss cannon
Named after the famous physicist, the Gauss Cannon is a railgun that fires high-velocity slugs that not only travel a vast distance but blow through multiple foes in a single attack without any loss of power.


This iconic weapon delivers an instant kill for any marine who can get themselves into melee range with an enemy, delivering instant death to any human opponent, and significant damage to demonic ones.

BFG 9000

bfg 9000
The most powerful gun in the game, the BFG fires a charged superheated projectile that obliterates everything within its blast radius and deals damage to anyone in the area along the way with electrical energy.