The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 22

This week Matt couldn't make it to the show, but that doesn't mean our podcast isn't filled with the latest gaming news and shenanigans. We start out with Jacob dishing out the latest scoop on SOPA along with a list of websites who plan on “going dark” in protest of the bill. Annie and Ian also share their thoughts over Notch's “Minecraft piracy tweet” for those who can't afford the game.

We even brought back our favorite tech junkie Kyle Wattenmaker from to shine some light on this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Meanwhile, Dennis rants about Razer's poor thought process when it comes to their Razer Blade and Fiona.

This weeks giveaway is FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction, all you need to do is leave us some feedback in the comments down below and you will be instantly entered to win a Steam copy of the game.

Music: “Oh Well” By: Je Mappelle ( )