Video Game inspired Nike Sneakers

Daniel Reese, a 21 year old artist, who customizes sneakers and charges a heck of a lot for every single one of them($260), has started a new range of sneakers inspired by video games. The ‘sneaker freaker’ as he likes to call himself enjoys customizing sneakers from sole to laces inspired from varying fields like films, comics, web and gaming. There is no doubt that the sneakers look sick but you’ll have to wait atleast 4-6 weeks if you order one right now.

Visit his online store for more info.

mario sneaker

It’s-a the Mario Sneaker
Pacman Sneakers

Pacman Sneakers
Sonic Sneaker

Sonic The Hedgehog Sneakers NOTE: Supersonic Running Speed Disabled
Bioshock Sneaker

Big Daddy Sneakers