The Division: Top Discovered Easter Eggs

Ubisoft was not shy about putting several easter eggs into their latest release The Division. We searched across the internet and found ten clear easter eggs and references from popular films and television shows. With The Division being a new release, there are bound to be more easter eggs waiting to be discovered. If you found one not already listed here then let us know by leaving a comment down below!

Mr. Bean

Who else caught the Mr. Bean reference early on within The Division campaign?

Mr Bean Easter Egg – The Division


Splinter Cell / Sam Fisher’s Night Vision Goggles

Gamers can spot Sam Fisher’s night vision goggles from the Splinter Cell series within the first base of operations. These goggles are simply sitting on the top of a desk.


Shaun of the Dead

From the three Cornetto films, developers Ubisoft have snuck in the popular character Shaun Packham.

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TMNT Reference

Found on 31st St and 7th Ave gamers can spot a Radical pizza box and nunchucks that likely belongs to Michelangelo.


I Am Legend

For those who watched the blockbuster film, I Am Legend starring Will Smith then you may recognize this mannequin, Fred.

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Ubisoft Development Studio

Take a stroll through Ubisoft’s virtual studios where it looks as if they were hard at work with the development of Grow Home. This spot is located within the firewall safe house of 43rd and 2nd AVE.


Mysterious Ghost?

Did this YouTuber come across a hidden ghost during gameplay or a glitch? You can decide as the image comes up around 1:50.


Adventure Time Mural

Located off W 29th St. Ubisoft may have placed a mural that is a direct reference to the popular cartoon show Adventure Time.


Raving Rabbids & Grow Home Board Games

Ubisoft sneaked two of their previously release video game title into the world of The Division. However, instead of a video game, Raving Rabbids and Grow Home has become a board game.


Breaking Bad

An end of the world party on top of a roof references the popular AMC drama Breaking Bad. Take a look at William White (Walter White) and Jonathan Pinkman (Jesse Pinkman).