Top Ten New GTA V Mods

PC gamers waited nearly a year and a half to get a chance to play Grand Theft Auto V, and it turned out the wait was worth it: The game looked even better on PC than it did on the new-gen consoles, and it rolled out along with some terrific new features, such as tools for creating your own GTA movies.

Finally, PC players could join in on the other-than-legal adventures of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor in the amazingly detailed city of Los Santos and its environs, robbing banks, fleeing police, and – as Michael, anyway – being attacked by hallucinations of space aliens.

But the biggest thing the PC edition of GTA V has over the consoles, of course, is mods. And with more than 59 million copies of the game sold across all platforms as of August this year, you better believe it has a robust modding community.

Here are ten of the latest GTA V mods we think you ought to check out. For newbies to modding the game, you’ll want to take a couple steps before downloading any of these:

First, download and install Script Hook V. This is a dynamic link library (.dll file) that lets you use custom mods and scripting. Next, grab Community Script Hook V .NET, which lets you use mods created in .NET languages. Most mods will require one or both of these to work. There are detailed installation instructions for these on their pages – make sure to follow them very carefully.

And even though Script Hook V disables mod functionality while playing GTA Online, err on the side of caution: Rockstar is fine with you using mods in single player, but anything that effects GTA Online can get you banned.

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed your favorite mod, or tell us about an idea you’d like to see developed into a mod.