The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 8

podcast episode 8

This week, Jacob “UFC Unleashed” Saylor kick-starts The Best Gaming Podcast Ever by gabbing about the masochistic few who have obtained early copies of Dark Souls, and Matthew “Motormouth” Stewart weighs the pros and cons of the retribution dished out by From Software.

Ian “Stillgray on Twitter” Cheong picks things up from there, as he warns us of the impending Apocalypse… or the impending Battlefield 3 open beta. One of those two. No one really remembers.

Working his way into through various back-channels, dark alleys, and a few organ trades with unsavory individuals, Ian has snagged an invite to the Diablo 3 beta. Which just happens to be the subject of our white-hot hot topic this week, wherein we also learn that both Jacob and Dennis “Neil” Patrick “Harris” have a shocking Diablo-related confession to drop on all of us.

Matt gets medieval on Mirror's Edge when the crew talks about what they've played this week, and Jacob finally pops something other than UFC Unleashed into his PS3. Don't get too excited for him – it's another UFC game. We can't make him quit UFC cold-turkey, folks.

Lastly, if you're a fan of vampires, red-heads, and/or blood-fountains, like this post and leave a suggestion for next week's hot topic. If we use it, guess what, hombre? You're going to vampire-booby heaven!*

Our thanks go out to Chalices of the Past for letting us use the incredibly cool song “$$INTERNET$$”.

*Vampire-booby heaven may or may not be a copy of Bloodrayne: Betrayal for XBLA.