Far Cry 6: How To Farm For Industrial Circuits | Rare Materials Guide

One of the rarest and most valuable materials in Far Cry 6 are Industrial Circuits. You can’t find these things in the open-world. And they’re seemingly only available if you’re online and playing with Ubisoft Connect, which slows down your game whether you’re on PC or console. If you hate being tethered online, or just want to find a better way to earn Industrial Circuits without ever spending real money on the platinum “Moneda” currency, we’ve found a great method that’s slowly accumulated much more than we’ll ever need. This is how to stockpile an endless source of Industrial Circuits.

For the unaware, Industrial Circuits are required to install the best tier of weapon mods at the crafting table. You’ll be locked out from truly tricking out your favorite weapons until you earn the requisite amount of Industrial Circuits. Characters like Lola (the online vendor) will sell Industrial Circuits for real money. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend more cash on this game. You can complete an in-game task that requires minimal effort. If you haven’t been doing this very specific type of task, you’ll never realize the rewards you can reap.

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How To Farm For Industrial Circuits

Industrial Circuits are for swapping high level mods onto your weapons. That makes them very valuable. They’re required to slot in the best attachments. Getting them can be a pain — you trade certain animal pelts for Industrial Circuits, or purchase them from the online vendor Lola. Those methods are less than ideal. They take forever.

If you don’t want to use the annoying online / Moneda currency, you can earn it through another method.

  • How To Farm Industrial Circuits: Complete Bandito Operations — You can earn easy Industrial Circuits and a lot of money. After assigning a person to a Bandito Operation, a timer will run until it is completed. Once the timer is complete, you’ll get a multiple choice option. Sometimes they’ll cost resources, and sometimes the multiple choice has a completion percentage.
    • After completing a Bandito Operation, check the multiple choice option and see if one has Industrial Circuits. If the chances are good (75% or higher) go for it.

You might never realize that Bandito Operations give Industrial Circuit rewards. If you go for these rewards, you’ll have more Industrial Circuits than you’ll ever need. That means you can fully customize your favorite weapons whenever you want. No limitations