Top 25 Best PC Games of 2015

August 2015 Update: We’ve completely overhauled this list, including newly announced, as well as newly released games in 2015 across a broad spectrum of genres. Expect to see a few surprises and learn about games you might have missed in the pages within.

While the new consoles are really coming into their own in 2015 with a ton of titles and even some cool exclusives, when it comes to sheer quantity and diversity of games they can’t possibly beat the PC. As is usually the case with the platform, there’ll be a little something for everyone in 2015. 

From the tiniest of indies to the biggest AAA developers, the depths of Hell itself to the depths of space, small journeys to epic adventures, completely new series and ideas to sequels and reboots, next year is looking like one of the strongest years in a long time not only for PC gaming but gaming in general. Look forward to a completely packed release schedule. 

With that in mind, here’s our list for some of the PC games coming in 2015 that we’re really excited for! Feel like we left out or forgot something? Tell us in the comments!