Sky: Children of Light – How To Restore The Forgotten Ark | All Light Locations

Want more fun spells in Sky: Children of Light? You can unleash colorful fireworks, change your size, or instantly recharge your light energy with disposable spells. To gain access to all these spells, you’ll need to restore the Forgotten Ark — an optional area that you can easily miss on your first round of exploration. The Forgotten Ark is a busted, broken wreck when you first discover it. But by completing a quest, you can restore it to a fraction of its former glory. All you need to do is find six orbs of light spread throughout the entire game world.

Nobody likes searching too long, so if you want to restore the Ark ASAP, we’ve got all the color quest locations listed below in detail with pictures to help you along the way. I just spent a few hours searching the world and figuring out how to grab them all, so this is hard fought experience. Now you can trade all those extra candles you’re carrying for some sweet spells.

You can download Sky: Children of Light free on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

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How To Restore The Forgotten Ark | Quest Guide

The Forgotten Ark is a unique area where you can trade with spirits to get a variety of different spells you can’t get anywhere else. Before you can do that, you’ll need to restore the Forgotten Ark to its former glory.

  • How To Access The Forgotten Ark: Enter the Golden Abyss and leave the Social Space. In the first area with the vast desert, go past the dunes to the far right. There’s a shore with a small dock and boat. Use the bottom prompt on the boat to travel to the Forggoten Ark sub-area.

Once you’ve entered the Forgotten Ark, fly toward the ship wreckage in the distance and talk to the Enchantment Guide spirit. He’ll send you on quests to find different colored lights. To fully restore the Forgotten Ark, you need to find all six lights.

  • Red Light: Forgotten Ark – Behind the ark, past the dark patch, there’s a farmer’s field near a large cavern entrance. Look for the red light here.
  • Blue Light: Valley of Triumph – From the Social Space, go down the first slope to reach the large ice rink area where you can access the two city paths. The blue light flies through the holes in the ice.
  • Cyan Light: Isle of Dawn – Complete the Elder Temple and reach the “Sky” logo while flying through the billowing clouds. Before reaching the grassy ground, look for the Cyan Light floating through the clouds. Even if you land on the entrance to the Prairie, you can still backtrack in this area. (This area is only available after completing the story once.)
  • Green Light: Daylight Prairie – Reach the area before the Elder Temple (the area with the three bells) and fly to the far right. There’s a path to a sub-area that requires 4 spirits. Enter the area that’s packed with lots of small islands. The green light is on a small flying island just beneath the largest island with a stone tower ruin.
  • Purple Light: Vault of Knowledge – Right at the start of the area, open the two-player door to the right of the stairs. Inside, you’ll find the purple light. Naturally, you’ll need a second player to help open the door. Press [A] to alert nearby players to help you. Inside the strange infinite space, you’ll see the purple flight floating on the right side.
  • Orange Light: Hidden Forest – Travel to the rainy area right before reaching the Elder Temple. The orange glow flies very high in the sky above ground level. To catch it, fly to the left (where the flocks of spirit birds are flying) and climb to the top of the tower with the Wing Light behind a shield. Wait for the Orange Light to fly near — it lowers around this area so you can actually reach it.

Remember to return each light to the spirit in the Forgotten Ark to get the next step. You have to complete all six steps in order — once you do them all, you’ll unlock the full capability of the Forgotten Ark. There will be three special vendors where you can spend hearts or candles in exchange for spells. Some spells are just for fun, but there are actually useful spells mixed in too!