MUCK: Best Seeds To Get Great Loot Instantly | Seeds List

Sick of bad luck with your seeds in MUCK? Here are some community-sourced seeds that players are using to get an early leg-up. These seeds have plenty of nearby resources — or you’ll find powerful weapons in nearby treasure chests right after landing in the seed. We’ll share the seeds and explain why you’ll want to give them a try below.

MUCK is the newest, weirdest survival rogue-like. It’s kind of like Minecraft, or Valheim, but you’re destined to die no matter what you do. Every set number of days, a giant boss will stomp into your life and try to destroy everything you’ve built — which probably isn’t that much. You can craft in MUCK, but you’re really doing it just to keep you and your cooperative friends alive. MUCK just recently got an Update 2.0, adding fresh weapons and a new boss to the game. So it’s a good time to dive back in.

Want to try MUCK? The game is totally free on Steam! Download MUCK right here.

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Best Seeds We’ve Found (So Far)

Seeds are case-sensitive, so copy / paste for best results.

  • shitsaladsandwich [Source: Foxbyte_Xx]
    • Seed spawns a shed with Furnace and Mythril ore nearby. The shed is across the lake from where you start — the chests contain Steel Picks, so you can get mythril immediately.
  • poopoo [Source: [VG] Jade *]
    • Spawns you near a shed with a Mythril Axe, Steel Sword, and Steel Pick.
  • 689132638
    • Spawn with two huts — one of the further huts has a Mythril Sword.
  • 69420
    • Spawn near two Chef’s Huts, with two carts packed with chests nearby.
  • BigChunk
    • Lots of trees, rock, iron, mythril, and adamatite. A resource heavy seed.
  • banana
    • Spawn near a hut with a Steel Pick and boots right from the start.
  • Daniisking
    • Another simple seed with a hut right at the start that’s full of early-game tools.

That’s just a selection of some of the good seeds we’ve found. Check back soon once we’ve found more (and better) seeds!