Bethesda’s Pete Hines Understands Fans May Be Upset Starfield Is An Exclusive

There is a good amount of fans eagerly awaiting to get their hands on the next thrilling Bethesda RPG. This studio is well known for delivering some great content, but what you might not be so fond of is the fact that this game is strictly an Xbox exclusive title. This should be expected as Microsoft made a big move by acquiring ZeniMax Media which came with an assortment of video game development studios.

You can make the argument that last-generation Microsoft didn’t have the big heavy-hitting exclusive titles to sway some fans over from rival competitor console platforms. That wasn’t going to be the case for Microsoft this generation as they made several acquisitions to further flesh out their first-party studio lineup. We had the likes of Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, and of course ZeniMax Media. While the latter of the deals came with several studios, one of the more iconic companies attached was Bethesda, a studio known for its RPG titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls

If you’re looking for a new thrilling game from Bethesda, we know that their upcoming title is a brand new IP called Starfield. As expected, this game has become exclusive to Xbox which means you’ll need the Xbox console or a dedicated gaming PC to play it. That’s not something fans might not be too fond of if they were looking to get this game on the PlayStation 5 and that’s something Bethesda’s Pete Hines understands.

Recently the SVP of Bethesda spoke with GameSpot in which he noted fans might be disappointed over this game being an exclusive title. Fortunately, this game exclusive does come at a time where Microsoft is moving towards more cloud gaming with the likes of Xbox Game Pass and xCloud. While this service is in Microsoft’s infancy still, there very well may be an Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service available that could allow players the ability to play Starfield at launch without the need for an Xbox console but instead a PC with capable bandwidth. 

Source: Gamespot