MUCK: How To Beat Big Chunk | Boss Tips

Big Chunk is your most dangerous foe in MUCK. The big rocky chungus shows up every set amount of times to wreck your base and end your survival streak. If you’re struggling to beat Big Chunk even once, then we’ve got a few tips to help you take him down for your first time. No guarantees on subsequent battles — Big Chunk gets stronger after every encounter, so the goal of the game is just to survive as long as possible. You just can’t survive forever.

What is MUCK? It’s the latest survival rogue-like builder game that’s big on Twitch. It’s a weird and goofy twist on the Minecraft / Valheim formula, with wiggly enemies and physics-based beatdowns. Your goal is to survive as long as possible before the endless streams of enemies kills you. There’s not a whole lot to this game, but it’s totally free on Steam so you can download MUCK whether you want to or not.

How To Beat Big Chunk | Boss Guide

Beating Big Chunk isn’t easy. He’s a big rock monster with a giant hitbox. If you play efficiently (and with friends) you can make your first encounter way easier — you just need to rush straight into getting a strong bow. This is easier to do with friends.

Before we get into it, you’ll need to remember a few basic tips. The boss spawns on Day 3/4/5 depending on your difficulty. On Normal, the boss will spawn on the night of Day 4.

  • Pick every mushroom you find! If you want to survive against the boss, you need as much healing as possible.
    • Orange Mushrooms heal.
    • Yellow Mushrooms fill hunger.
    • Sugon Mushrooms heal stamina.
    • Slubon Mushrooms heal everything.

You’ll need to build a Workbench and a Furnace ASAP.

  • Crafting Station Recipes:
    • Work Bench: 10 Wood
    • Furnace: Crafted from Workbench + 15 Rock
    • Anvil: 5 Iron Bar + 15 Rock
    • Fletching Table: 25 Birch + 5 Flint

That’s just the basics. We want to rush to make the Fletching Table as early as possible to craft plenty of bows and arrows. You’ll need to venture out from your house, mining gold and unlocking as many chests as you can find. If you’re unlucky, you’ll need to rely on your bow only.

The Best & Simplest Strategy

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, your goal is to collect GOLD. Go around the map with an Iron Pickaxe / Iron Axe and collect all the different types of wood — wood is required for different and more powerful bow types. But, we don’t even need to craft! Not really.

Just get the Iron Pickaxe, mine gold, and put the gold in the furnace to create coins. Use the coins to unlock chests — unlock as many chests as you possibly can. Run around and look for abandoned shacks and carts! You’ll get loads of power-ups. Don’t bother wasting time on crafting stuff, building a base — just make an Iron Sword to defend yourself, and some Iron Armor if you have the time. Otherwise focus completely on opening chests.

Chests can contain legendary special weapons. We want to get better swords, but a better Bow is OP. If you find a bow in a chest, keep it. These often have special bonus effects that make them incredibly powerful. Open the most valuable chests early for huge rewards. Then you’ll be stocked up for the big fight.

Why get in close when you can just snipe Big Chunk? Take it slow, run away, stay away from his attacks, and whittle him down with your bow. If you find all the power-ups and get a Legendary Bow, this guy can die in like a few hits.

Just don’t expect him to be easy forever. Big Chunk gets stronger every time it returns. See how long you can survive!